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Our clients:


Financial and Banking Council of CIS
You need to have full information on the legislative framework to respond to the current challenges of the economy. When it comes to interstate cooperation, the amount of information multiply increases. Thanks to qualified legal advice you can be sure of all actions full compliance with the current requirements of the Russian and international law. The legal service of FLC company allows us to concentrate all efforts on the core tasks.
Director General
Nefidov P. P.
Exhibition Company “Mir-Expo”
In the course of business, we face different challenges as the organization of major events requires work in many spheres. Therefore, we need legal services of various kinds. It is particularly useful when all these various services can be combined in one legal company. Running of the business should have a comprehensive working out, starting from the technical aspects of all sorts of contracts’ conclusion to promising tax planning. Our success is largely due to our serious attitude to all nuances. Everything should be done with responsibility and in earnest. In this respect we have found understanding with LLC “Full Legal Consulting” and continue working together.
Director General
Bannikov V. A.
PLC RPA ”Echelon”
It is very important in our industry to think ahead about each nuance and to reason the consequences as we are responsible for information security. That’s why we asked legal experts for advice. The first advice identified our needs and as a result development of the whole contractual framework for our business was ordered. The contract is a guarantee for our clients as well as for us. A lot of things depend on the contract quality. We thank the Limited Liability Company “Full Legal Consulting” for professional services.
Deputy Director of Sales Department
Maxim Iliukhin
There is a need to unify the work of different departments of the company. We have asked LLC “Full Legal Consulting” for help in organizing our customer service. This is the whole process beginning from the design of the stand with information (its list is defined by law) to warranty certificates, issued during the repair. It is necessary to take into account legislative requirements, not to restrict the customer’s rights and to avoid unnecessary expenses of the manufacturer in each document. Only experienced lawyers can do this job at the proper level. We highly appreciate the quality of legal services provided by FLC and thank them for the work done.
Executive Director
Dmitry Prokopchuk
It is necessary to have an insurance to run a successful business, but to run a successful international business you need to have a double insurance. It is difficult to learn at once about all necessary working conditions for business in another country – other laws and regulations. You cannot go without the right advice. The employees of FLC rendered different consulting services to us answering lots of questions that arose.
Irzhy Pitner
LLC “Blossom”
We render services to the large number of partners, our company is constantly growing as well as the risks associated with the expansion of business. We always ask specialists of FLC for advice when we are going to take an important decision. We receive advisory support not only in legal matters, but also in the fields of accounting and taxation. It is difficult to keep abreast of changing laws. There is the possibility to break or to lose sight of something inadvertently – let the professionals deal with this. Properly laid foundation gives the opportunity to successfully develop and not to make unfortunate mistakes.
Also, we were provided legal support for debt collection through the courts – the cases are won, the financial losses are eliminated. We are always confident of receiving the necessary support.
Director General
Irina Bogdashko
Poli-pro, LLC
We are very proud that the area we’ve chosen enables us to successfully combine commercial interests with environmental protection activities. With due account for specific character of our activities and today’s situation of step-wise introduction of environmental fee for manufacturers it is crucial for us as never before to be kept up-to-date on the latest amendments in legislation and to feel strong legal support. Besides, we are aimed at ongoing enhancement and optimization of all the company’s business processes. The experts of Full Legal Consulting, LLC help us efficiently to solve these tasks. The package of subscriber legal service we’ve chosen allows us to be completely sure of our actions both inside and outside the company.
Director General
Nikita Rodin
Representative office of RAISECOM Technology
Any company entering the global market encounters the necessity to register and accredit its representative offices in various countries. In Russia, this process is rather time-consuming and hampered and requires attention to any detail since large package of documents is to be executed, and these documents must be translated and endorsed with an apostille. Besides, we have figured out that, as of the moment, the Interregional Federal Tax Service Inspectorate No.47 for Moscow makes refusals for about 80% of applications for accreditation of the foreign companies’ branches or representative offices. Having concluded that this procedure is quite complicated and requires thorough knowledge in the field of legislation, we decided to request assistance from FLC. We must do justice to the FLC employees, the issue was solved proficiently and quickly, the Interregional Federal Tax Service Inspectorate made positive decision. Today, we have full capacity to carry activities at the territory of the Russian Federation, and we know that we have reliable partners capable of helping us in crucial challenges.
DCS Alliance, LLC
Our company like no one else understands the importance of starting the business with work with real professionals who has profound knowledge base and extensive experience since this enables to minimize all concerns and doubts and to reduce time for the company evolution in initial stages. Assisted by the FLC experts, we worked our way up from direct registration of our business in Russia to development of contractual framework, taxation pattern, accounting and HR support. For future, we are aimed at mutually beneficial cooperation in different directions. Adhering to the opinion that “clean is the place where no litter is dropped”, we in selection of partners wanted first of all to be sure that right from the beginning order would reign in all our business, and the FLC experts proved that we had made no mistake.
Director General
Andrei Kurdyukov
Printaj, LLC Printing House
When developing the business, we are eager always and in all things to be at our best, but sometimes to make head or tail of all the organizational details is quite difficult. One of the maximum efficient options to solve this problem is to involve skilled professionals who know all the ins and outs in their field. We found such professionals in FLC. Within our cooperation, we received the most intelligible and detailed advices for taxation optimization and accounting, and also contracts composed in a seamless manner, for several activities. Besides, with due account for high quality of rendered services, we decided to entrust the FLC experts with composing of claims and plaints and also court representation, and the FLC experts, in turn, proved practically their proficiency in protection of our interests.
Director General
Kirill Yatskovsky

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