“A good accountant is expensive, but a bad one is even more expensive …”

Accounting is a key element of the record keeping system that measures the parameters of business activity and presents them in the form of reports and financial documents to the company’s management for them to make further strategic decisions. It is difficult to overestimate the value of accounting in an organization. This is why any shortcomings in accounting can lead to very serious consequences.

Have you ever had to deal with major problems because of accounting errors? Or do you know what it feels like when an accountant goes on vacation or has to take a sick leave at the most crucial moment? In addition, staff turnover, a constant search for a really good specialist, flaws in the documents that lead to significant financial losses, disturbing thoughts about an upcoming inspection and possible fines, etc. only add up …

There is an alternative— outsourcing accounting services provided by FLC!

We have developed the following services in the field of accounting based on our established practice and market requirements to address the needs of our clients:


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