Information included in the register of accredited representative offices (branches) may be amended by a local tax authority authorized by the Federal Tax Service.

Documents shall be submitted to the authorized tax authority within fifteen calendar days after the respective information is changed.

A foreign representative office (branch) is issued (sent) a document that confirms the fact of amending the information included in the register, executed pursuant to the form established by the federal executive authority authorized by the Government of the Russian Federation to accredit foreign representative offices (branches).

Situations requiring amendments:

Amendments are introduced in the register of representative offices (branches) of foreign legal entities if one of the following events has taken place:

  • Change of the representative office (branch) name.
  • Change of the head of the representative office (branch).
  • Change of the representative office (branch) location.
  • Change of the foreign company address.

What we do:

  1. We prepare a package of documents required to introduce the amendments.
  2. We submit and receive documents from the authorized federal executive authority — the Federal Tax Service of Russia.
  3. We prepare and submit notices of introducing amendments of the accredited representative office (branch) to extra budgetary funds.
  4. We obtain statistics code (if required).


  • It takes the FLC employees three business days to prepare a package of documents to be submitted to introduce amendments.
  • The authorized tax authority introduces the submitted amendments in the information included in the register within 10 business days after the receipt of the documents and no later than in 5 business days after the register entry is made.
  • Non-budgetary funds are notified within 1 – 2 business days.



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