In business, it all starts with a contract. Indeed, a contract may come to your rescue, but it can also put you at risk. What matters here is whether a contract is written well enough and whether you read it thoughtfully enough prior to signing. The key factors of success lie in being picksome and meticulous, having an analytical mind, and possessing a thorough knowledge of the intricacies of contract work.





Contract provisions that you should pay particular attention to include the following:
1.   A contract shall not contradict Russian legislation and/or interests of the company;
2.   A contract shall contain a maximum number of details pertaining to the possible outcomes of a given situation;
3.   A counterparty shall be in possession of required licenses, patents, and other permissions to perform a given activity;
4.   A contract shall clearly state all the essential terms and conditions, otherwise it may be declared null and void;
5.   A contract shall be executed in accordance with certain rules—if it consists of two or more pages, each page shall be numbered and signed to avoid any possible substitution of pages in a contract;
6.   If you have any doubt with regard to your contract, immediately contact a specialist. Do not rush to sign the contract until you get a positive expert opinion.

These recommendations are general in nature, as each contract has a number of features and subtleties that depend on many factors. Only a knowledgeable practitioner can fully understand all the intricacies of a contract while dealing with them in actual practice.

Contract work involves the following tasks:

Legal and Regulatory Framework
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Development of Client’s Contractual Framework

  • Preparation of contract drafts;
  • Coordination of contracts with the Client;
  • Endorsement of contracts by the Client’s responsible employees ;
  • Coordination of contracts with counterparties;
  • Signing of contracts;
  • Keeping track of the contract terms.


Preparation of Certain Types of Contracts

Each contract is different, with a number of its own subtleties and peculiarities that are only familiar to an expert who has appropriate qualifications and an extensive experience.

We prepare CONTRACTS for our CLIENTS following the scheme below:

  1. We obtain from the Client the information on the agreements that have been reached;
  2. We envision possible risks under the contract;
  3. We prepare a contract draft;
  4. We negotiate the contract draft with the Client and sign a contract routing form;
  5. We negotiate the contract draft with the counterparty;
  6. We track performance times and a contract term.


Legal Review of Contracts

Very often, in the course of their business activities, Clients have to deal with ready-made contracts provided by their counterparties, which is not always a good thing. By carrying out a legal review of contracts, we:

  1. Ensure that a contract compliance with the current legislation, because not all counterparties track changes in laws and regulations;
  2. Determine whether the contract terms and conditions are constituent with the agreements reached by the parties;
  3. Identify possible risks under the contract and associated negative consequences;
  4. Coordinate revisions and / or additions to the contract with the counterparty.

A contract legal review performed in such a manner will help you avoid many problems and misunderstandings in the future.


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