International economic activity includes the following:

  • International exchange of goods, work, services, information, and the results of intellectual activity;
  • International investment cooperation;
  • Monetary, funding, and financing operations.

Five Benefits to Your International Economic Activity that FLC Has to Offer:

  1. You will expand the boundaries of your business and increase its profitability;
  2. You will develop strong partnerships with the external market players;
  3. You will completely eliminate high costs for maintaining full-time employees of the International Economic Activities Department;
  4. You will minimize costs and the risk of loss or damage to goods during their transportation;
  5. You will be able to receive a consultation by our experts any time of day or night, 24/7.


A legal entity that has been working with customs authorities for many years and that has a positive reputation can ensure a much faster and easier process for the customs clearance of goods. Contact FLC today, and our experts will be glad to share their experience and knowledge with you!

FLC has an extensive and successful experience in the field of international economic activities. We can provide a full range of services associated with the International economic activities of your business (the so-called outsourcing of International economic activity), or carry out individual operations associated with your international economic activities such as:

International Economic Activity Legal Framework
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Outsourcing of International Economic Activities (Import)

  • Development of a foreign trade contract;
  • Ensuring the currency legislation requirements are met;
  • Review of the shipping documents (invoices, packing lists, etc.);
  • Preparation of the documents necessary for customs clearance (data sheet, documents proving the value, etc.);
  • Registration of approval documents for the goods (certificates, declarations of conformity, etc.);
  • Registration of companies at the customs post;
  • Calculation of customs charges;
  • Selection of HS codes (customs commodity codes);
  • Testing risks;
  • Getting customs classification decision.

Outsourcing of International Economic Activities (Export)

  • Development of a foreign trade contract;
  • Preparation of shipping documents;
  • Selection of the optimal scheme for the transportation of goods and its implementation;
  • Insurance of goods in favor of the Client;
  • Obtainment of permits;
  • Customs clearance of cargo.


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