For our Clients, we have developed and selected the fullest and most important information about registration of the most popular forms of incorporation:

Registration of LLC

Advantages of an LLC:

  • The company’s founders are not held liable under the company’s obligations and bear the risk within their share of the authorized capital;
  • A minimum amount of the authorized capital is only 10,000 RUB;
  • An LLC. is easy to register and to liquidate;
  • The list of members is maintained by the company itself;
  • It is easy to sell a share or to make amendments;
  • A loyal attitude of banks and credit institutions, it is easy to raise loans;
  • No restrictions of the number of employees and the territory of company’s business.

Disadvantages of an LLC:

  • Any change in the company membership, proportion in the authorized capital shares of members or management structure of the company implies introducing mandatory amendments to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities;
  • A limited number of members (not more than 50).

LLC registration procedure includes three stages:

  1. Certification of required documents by a notary.
  2. Submitting documents to Inter-District Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service No 46 (Moscow).
  3. Obtaining documents in Inter-District Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service No 46 (Moscow) in five business days.

Registration of a JSC

Advantages of a JSC:

  • Shareholders of a JSC (previously OJSC / CJSC) shall not be held liable for the company’s obligations and shall bear the risk of loss related with its operations within the value of the shares they own.
  • An opportunity to attract additional investments through issuing shares.
  • Reducing dependence of the joint stock company existence on the company’s shareholders.

Disadvantages of a JSC:

  • Maintaining the share register by an independent registrar.
  • The company shareholders that were present at the meeting and decisions they made are confirmed by the registrar or a notary.

The JSC registration procedure is similar to that of the LLC. registration, with one of the significant differences being share issuance and registration.

Registration of nonprofit organizations

Forms of NPOs:

  1. consumer cooperatives;
  2. NGOs;
  3. associations (unions);
  4. landowners’ partnerships;
  5. Cossack associations included in the state register of the Russian Federation Cossack associations;
  6. communities of the native minorities of the Russian Federation;
  7. funds;
  8. institutions;
  9. autonomous nonprofit organizations;
  10. religious organizations;
  11. public companies.

Registration of branches, representative offices, separate divisions

The service includes:

  • Preparing the package;
  • Accompanying the Client visiting a notary;
  • Submitting documents to Inter-District Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Service together with the Client or against a letter of attorney;
  • Obtaining documents in the tax office;
  • Receiving the notice of branch registration from a local Federal Tax Service at the place of branch residence;
  • Assigning statistics code (receiving the information letter on the All-Russian Businesses and Organizations Classifier code assignment);
  • Notifying the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation of branch establishment;
  • Branch / representative office registration in extra budgetary funds, notifying the local body of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation at the headquarters’ location (only for branches that have separate balance sheet, settlement account and make payments / pay other remunerations to individuals).


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