FULL LEGAL CONSULTING (FLC) provides a wide range of legal services for business in Russia and abroad regarding tax planning and consultation, foreign/international economic activity, contract law, corporate law, legal proceedings, intellectual property, personnel records and accounting.

We offer our clients convenient options of cooperation such as:

  • monthly subscription service;
  • support for projects;
  • one-off services on request.

SERVICES we offer:

Why people choose FLC:

  1. WE MANAGE business processes. Our job is not only solutions to existing problems but, first and foremost, understanding the causes and prevention actions for the future.
  2. WE ASK QUESTIONS: why you need to solve the problem that way, there may be other options, less expensive, more simple and at the same time as effective.
  3.  WE EXPLAIN the advisability of adopting a particular decision.
  4. WE ESTIMATE RESPONSIBILITY and costs which incur on completing or not completing of actions, procedures, etc.


  1. Our staff increased from 5 to 15 members.
  2. The number of companies on subscription service increased from 4 to 32.
  3. Our lawyers won 52 cases out of 63 and collected 22 500 000 rubles of debts in total.
  4. We gained experience in international activity with such countries as Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Poland, China, Turkey, Switzerland, Cyprus, BVI.
  5. We registered about 175 new companies (Ltd., JSC, NfPOs), 97 SEs.
  6. We have conducted tax planning in 25 companies and legal audit in 32.
  7. We increased the number of clients in accounting support from 2 to 27.
  8. And last but not least — we employed highly qualified and ambitious experts whose support allows our clients to realise their most challenging projects.


Even the most boring and repetitive work can be exciting

Problems and difficulties can be a positive challenge instead of frustration, if your HEAD WORKS

Constant changes can inspire you, if you WANT TO DEVELOP

Today FLC is a combination of talented, creative experts and most up-to-date knowledge in the legal sphere.

Our team is not only our staff, they are people who our clients trust and take confidence in. All of them are talented and creative masters in their field.
Meet our management team:

Svetlana Buravtsova
General Director
Tax planning, foreign economic activity and legal audit.
Galina Kim
Chief Executive
Department of tax planning and accounting analysis.
Rayil Sabitov
Chief Executive
Department of Foreign / International economic activity and custom registration.
Aleksey Ruban
Chief Executive
Department of registration and contract law.

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