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A legal audit is an independent legal examination of any area of your enterprise operations aimed to identify and rectify violations of the existing laws, identify possible risks, and to optimize business processes. With a legal audit, you will:

  1. have reliable information about the legal aspects of your business;
  2. Identify potential risks, including tax risks;
  3. Identify non-compliances and mistakes in document execution;
  4. Protect yourself from contractors’ failure to fulfill their obligations, tax claims, penalties, administrative or criminal liability;
  5. Discover attributes of a willful infliction of hidden damage etc.

Highly qualified FLC specialists can conduct an audit in one or several directions:

Legal audit stages

A legal audit process is a complicated multi-stage consistent procedure that includes several steps:

  1. Receiving the assignment. At this stage, audit goals and tasks, terms, items to be audited, required degree of details and other audit criteria are specified.
  2. Choosing the audit methodology. Depending on the set task, either a proprietary audit methodology is developed, or a proven standard methodology developed earlier is used.
  3. Selecting documents to be audited.
  4. Analyzing the selected documents. At this time-consuming and complicated stage, we analyze contents of the selected documents to determine, if these comply with the existing laws and internal corporate standards.
  5. Issuing an opinion and giving recommendations. At this stage, we prepare a written opinion on the audit that presents final conclusions as to the state of the legal aspects of operations of the audited entity.


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