Doing business in Russia, at times, is difficult for local Russian businessmen, so for foreign companies it is a still greater challenge. Foreign managers often find themselves in a difficult or hopeless situation, due to insufficient knowledge of the Russian legislation, the characteristics and nuances of documentation, interaction with government agencies.

Common problems that foreign businesses face in Russia:

  1. Very few English speaking solicitors and lawyers;
  2. Agreements are mostly common in Russian not in English;
  3. Insufficient knowledge about the legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as specific features of paperwork;
  4. High risk of employing an unprofitable option for solving an issue;
  5. Lack of a sufficient number of sites available with high-quality information in English;
  6. Difficulties in cooperation with government agencies.

Our support to foreign companies


Also for your convenience we offer:

– English speaking solicitors or lawyers;

– Contract in English;

– We explain the Russian legislation by giving examples from the English one.