No. Type of Service Price, rubles Comments
Intellectual Property *
1. Trademark registration (registration of a brand name, logo, service mark) 30 000 and higher  
2. Checking whether there is a matching trademark 15 000 and higher  
3. Drawing up a contract on alienation of the exclusive right to the trademark 15 000 and higher Extra 2 500 rubles per each additional trademark
4. Registration of an invention 40 000 and higher  
5. Registration of a utility model, an industrial design 35 000 and higher  
6. Drawing up licensing agreements and franchise agreements 20 000 and higher (pertaining to a given trademark or a service mark)
7. Verification of documents prior to the registration of the agreement 6 000 and higher  

* Prices do not include expenses. Surcharge for urgency is 10% of the cost of services.


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