All business owners without any exception know that they must pay taxes (it is another question whether they do or do not pay them), but not everyone knows that they may and can use a certain set of legal measures to significantly reduce their tax payments and thereby increase profits. Our team at FLC will help you select the best strategy that will suit your business to minimize the tax payments.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is a complex of measures aimed at reducing a tax base and minimizing tax payments. Laws and regulations outline legal methods of carrying out the measures specified above.

Tax Optimization

Tax optimization means a taxpayer uses their rights to reduce their tax amount or not pay a tax at all.

The purpose of tax optimization is to reduce taxes by using legal measures and to increase profits from business activities. Any tax optimization requires expertise and professional approach, which is the reason why many clients require a consultation in a law firm. Our team at FLC offers a full range of tax optimization services.

Tax Accounting

Tax Reporting

To avoid any problems with regulatory bodies, all organizations must submit tax statements. Even if a company does not conduct any business activity, it is obliged to submit the so-called dormant account report. Proper management of tax reporting requires profound specialized knowledge, professional qualifications, and experience.

Tax lawyers and accountants at FLC provide a full range of services for the preparation and submission of tax returns, regardless of the taxation scheme you use.


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